About Lavender Wheat

We all have story to tell. God has always been and still is a master storyteller. I am learning to recognize His voice in the story unfolding in my life. I am learning His tone, His rhythm. And I am learning that like all good storytellers, He will satisfy every emotion He has evoked in the course of the narrative, but like the best of them, He often does it in a way that no one saw coming. His stories are epic in scope, textured with brilliant imagery, made rich through masterful nuances. His stories sing. His stories satisfy. I am just learning to see through the fog of everything that is daily to recognize the story He is telling with my life.  Lavender Wheat is my effort to capture my story and write it down.

Each chapter is centered around a moment when God has broken through the normal fabric of my reality to make himself known. Overtime, I began to realize that each of these moments where not isolated encounters, but story scenes. And when I started to connect them together I was stunned at the picture I found.

This story begins with the whispers of promise spoken by God, whispers that led me into the life of a quirky film teacher, named Ethan, who would turn my world upside down. Ethan is a brilliant man who led with grace, strength, and an imagination that unleashed all the right things within me. Eventually he and I would fall deeply in love. And always God was speaking, moving, weaving us together, showing Ethan and I new depths of love, showing us His own heart.

But this story took a turn, as all stories do, and what happened next was something no one saw coming. But the best storytellers have a way of showing you the end they had been evoking all along while completely taking us by surprise.

This is my story, the story I was entrusted with, the story I found the face of God within. But this story isn’t over. And I am writing it now, sharing it here because I wanted to invite you in. I wanted you here with me, so that together we can rejoice when we see how it ends.

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