Chapter One

Point of Resonance 

Chapter Two

Manna for the Journey

Chapter Three

Molded by the Water

Chapter Four

The Wilderness Below Mt. Sinai

Chapter Five

The Promise

Chapter Six

The Early Rains

Chapter Seven

Hidden Art

Chapter Eight

To the Future & Back Again

Chapter Nine

Does Job Fear God for No Reason 

Chapter Ten

The First Thing God Told Me on the Day My Man Would Die

Chapter Eleven

The Second Thing God Told Me as My Man Lay Dying

Chapter Twelve

Worse Than My Biggest Fear

Chapter Thirteen 

The Third Thing God Told Me The Day My Man Had Died

Chapter Fourteen

Red Sea Words

Chapter Fifteen

Tender Words in the Wilderness

Chapter Sixteen

Stay With Me

Chapter Seventeen

Do You Trust Me?

Chapter Eighteen 

The Burning Bush

Chapter Nineteen

Let Me See Your Glory!

Chapter Twenty

Forty Days of Wrestling

Chapter Twenty One

The Promise of Bread

Chapter Twenty Two

The Power of His Love

Chapter Twenty Three 

The Impudence of Bartimaeus

Chapter Twenty Four

I Will Not Let Go

Chapter Twenty Five

I Want to Build You a Garden

Chapter Twenty Six

Covered: Part One

Chapter Twenty Seven

Covered: Part Two

Chapter Twenty Eight

My Shavout Encounter